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​Do you like lurking in the darkness scaring the crap out of people - then we need to hear from you.

The URF have recently depleted its reserves of Re:animates and are now recruiting for some new members. Do you have what it takes to crawl around in darkness, looking half-dead while scaring the life out of members of the public? If so then URF want to hear from you!

Sign up for the Free Zombie Recruitment day at Bursledon Brickworks on 17th February (from 7.30pm) and we will put you through you Re:animate paces. If you managed to complete all the zombie tests and get at least one jump scare from our trained operatives then you will be accepted into the new elite team of Re:animates for the most challenging Zombie Encounter to date. You will be part of Zombie Extreme in a brand new location where a new hyper Horde is being created to descend on unsuspecting members of the public. So now is your chance to shine in the darkness… join the New Horde of Re:animates today!

URF: May the Living Prevail!

P.s. non dead applicants may not apply.